JAMES BOND, 007 the exhibition, 50 years of Bond style

15 January 2016
Golden Gun

From April 16th, the Main Hall of La Villette welcomes James Bond, 007 the exhibition, 50 years of Bond Style and presents more than 500 original objects for an amazing journey in the most famous spy's world. 

Aston Martin, suits, gadgets, sketches, photos of shootings, Ian Fleming's originals and exclusives pieces from the shooting from Spectre !

The exhibition redraws the biggest ever produced saga by showing, for example, the white tuxedo of Roger Moore in Octopussy, the space suite of Moonraker, the golden pistol of Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Pistol, Q's gadgets as the attaché case of Bond in Good Kisses Of Russia or the Aston Martin DB5 silver of 1964 in GoldenEye...  

James Bond, the exhibition promises to be a major cultural event next spring. From Dr No in 1962 to Spectre, we all have something of James...                                                                                                                            

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